Is Teaching Overseas A Career Or An Adventure?

Maybe it's both! Do you love to travel? Seek adventure & learn about other cultures? Then live a dream....Tour world famous museums, explore islands and mountains, sightsee or learn a new language. Teachers will have the opportunity to enjoy an international teaching experience while learning about a fascinating culture at our Canadian Bilingual School located in a wealthy and safe section in South Khatian, a part of Kuwait. Kuwait has many historical sites and landmarks to visit here are just a few:

  • The Avenues "Most awesome place to shop"
  • Kuwait Towers "Symbols of Kuwait"
  • Mirror House (Art Museum)
  • Grand Mosque (Religious Site)
  • Al Kout Beach
  • Magic Planet Kuwait "Great for kids"(Theme Park)
  • Marina Mall(Shopping Mall)
  • Kuwaiti Maritime Museum

You will never run out of fun and interesting things to do in and around Kuwait. Development of the educational system in Kuwait can be mostly attributed to the wealth that oil brought to the country post World War II. The government began investing money in education as a top priority. In 1967, a private school system re-emerged with the help of government subsidies. Today, many families choose to send their children to private school. The Canadian Bilingual School (CBS) in Kuwait offers a challenging curriculum. CBS uses a modified Ontario (Canadian) curriculum, enabling students to achieve their fullest social, intellectual, emotional and physical potential. CBS started 7 years ago as a JK through Grade 5 School with approximately 100 students. Since the start CBS has grown into a JK through Grade 12 School with close to 1000 students. The need for qualified teachers couldn't be greater! Our mission statement: “At CBS we promote a respectful, safe and supportive environment, encouraging high expectations and academic success" This mission statement promotes the power of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. A famous statesman once said: “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing” Theodore Roosevelt I believe teaching is what he meant. What greater reward is there than to give children the knowledge and the skills to go out in the world and be productive members of society with the tools you have given them. Your own imprint is stamped on these students and you are linked to them forever! The message is clear: Do you want a more fulfilling and satisfying life? Do you want to grow as an educator and as a person? Now is your chance to combine your profession with your own new life experiences and continue the nurturing and academic growth opportunity at CBS. Come join us and walk the path to success together!


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