Teaching ELL Students Requires Your Unique Skills

Canadian Bilingual School (CBS), Kuwait offers exceptional teaching opportunities for both teachers and administrators.

If you are looking to live and teach overseas, Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Kuwait has a population of 3.5 million people. It may be small in size, but it is big in educational choices for its population. CBS needs teachers and administrators to deliver quality education using their unique skills.

Every educator has the ability to brand their individual skill set and style to meet the needs of our students at CBS of Kuwait. We apply the Ontario Curriculum modified to meet the standards we have set for our students. As an Ontario teacher, you already have a working knowledge of our curriculum. Here is an opportunity to share your expertise at a global level. What skills are needed? Here is a checklist:

  • Commitment
  • Preparation
  • Organization
  • Tolerance/ respect
  • Engaging Your Students
  • Innovator
  • Optimal use of Technology

The first three on the list are universal characteristics of a strong teacher. The teacher needs to be engaged, fully prepared and have the lessons organized well in advance so that lessons are taught keeping in mind all the various learning levels and styles. A dedicated teacher goes the extra mile to make sure that all students understand the base concepts and so will stay back to spend time to help those struggling to catch up. Tolerance is eliminating any prejudices and treating all the students equally. It calls for engaging a high energy class through appropriate strategies and having them participate meaningfully in class. The last 3 on the list are essential traits of today's teacher. The teacher needs to embrace technology, and allow the use of technology to support learning. These new tools are constantly changing and need to be updated. It means keeping abreast of developments and knowing how to use them effectively in the classroom. One of our core principles is improving the literacy of our students. This is done through guided reading programs and developing writing skills. The engagement of students in class allows the teacher to gradually improve these skills. We strongly urge student participation where educators can optimize the learning in students through the natural oral tradition that is strong in this part of the world. Ofcourse, discussions will have to be mediated and directed to achieve targeted learning outcomes. The administration works hand in hand with the teachers to achieve these goals. This strong administrative support combined with dedicated PD for improving instructional practices is the driving force of the success we have begun to see with our students. This concept only works if administrators, teachers and students are willing to work together as a team. We have students who want to learn. Applying your teaching skills to implement the modified Ontario Curriculum will give our students the ability to achieve their educational goals. So what are you waiting for? Here is a chance for you to make a difference in another part of the world. An educator's responsibility is huge today. With social and technological advances, a teacher has to stay current with these changes. If you are committed to your profession, are an innovator and want to learn a new and different culture this is an opportunity you simply cannot pass up. Take action and join our growing team at the Canadian Bilingual School in Kuwait.


ABIDA SIDDIQUE on 05 Jun 2018, 11:15

So encouraging is the approach to facilitate a new teacher. looking forward to be a part of the team.