Working at CBS has been an excellent international opportunity! Our students are unique, compassionate, and energetic! They build strong bonds with their teachers, which makes fitting in easy. When leaving Canada to move to Kuwait, I never realized the relationships I would develop with my colleagues and students. However, CBS is more than a school for me. I feel like I'm part of a much bigger family. I honestly never thought that I would still be teaching overseas after two years, but there's something special about CBS that I can't let go of just yet.

Nabeeha Khan, OCT
High School English Teacher

I started to work at the Canadian Bilingual School (CBS) of Kuwait in 2015 as an elementary teacher. CBS is a wonderful school that provides both its students and teachers with opportunities to grow and learn academically. The staff at CBS works together seamlessly to create a safe and positive environment, which encourages all students to think critically and apply themselves to their learning. The students are eager and passionate learners with amazing and unique personalities. I’ve had a great experience working at CBS and I’m very happy to be part of such a dedicated family of international educators and leaders.

Mona Hamed, OCT
Elementary Classroom Teacher