Kuwait is a modern nation that has a rich history and Arabian culture. Found on the Arabian Peninsula that is between Saudi Arabia and Iraq with its coast on the Persian Gulf. Kuwait is also rich in oil which is one of the nation’s major exports. Kuwait is known to many as a home and to others as a wonderful destination for vacation and tourism.

Over time, Kuwait has developed into a very sophisticated and global city with massive development in infrastructure, architecture, health and educational services. The shopping malls are really impressive and situated beside the ancient fish markets in the city. The nation is filled with beautiful sceneries, such as the “Dhow” harbors, a skating rink, golf courses, a fascinating aquarium, zoos, a number of hotels and impressive theatres.
CBS gives an opportunity to native English-speaking teachers to have very comfortable living and professional lives. Teaching is rewarding for teachers who are interested in teaching abroad.

 Canadian Bilingual School


Founded in 2007 as a means to provide its students with a modified Ontario Curriculum, the Canadian Bilingual School starts from the Junior Kindergarten to class 12. The school has a reputation for being a wonderful school; as it comes with 2 spacious soccer fields, a library, 2 science rooms, 2 modern computer rooms, a well-maintained auditorium and a gym.
Since its founding, the Canadian Bilingual School has made an effort to maintain and enhance an atmosphere that encourages understanding, helps build communication and learning. As a collaborative community that has a learning environment centred on its students, there is a continuous strive for creative, academic excellence and a lifelong learning experience. At CBS, the children are provided with an environment that helps them discover themselves and helps develop their innate skills

Our teachers such as the high school vice principal, Kindergarten vice principal, secondary school English teacher, secondary school guidance teacher, secondary school science teacher are carefully selected and play important roles in guiding the students to achieve his or her academic potential by always being there to lend a friendly ear and through advice; this approach is sure to foster and maximise the growth of the students. Here at CBS, the teachers make sure that they identify the student’s weaknesses and strengths, this helps them create approaches that are more personalized for each student; this helps shape the lives of the students and provide them with the necessary language and academic skills that they need to succeed in the ever-changing world and economy

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