Recruitment Process



Our first step is to connect with you. We are looking for knowledgeable and committed teachers who are interested in helping us build the school together - and have a wonderful experience overseas. An adventure!
• We value each resume sent with an interest in CBS. A positive attitude, a team approach and a desire to teach while improving each student's performance is a priority and goal.
• Once we receive your resume we will set up an interview with you by phone, Skype or the internet. References are an important follow-up.
• When an interest is verified and references checked then a “Letter of Intent” is sent to you which delineates the offer as discussed. A confirmation of good health and a request for a copy of your passport page will be included. Assuming all is well, the next step will be the binding 2 year contract which is basically the LOI written in Arabic and English in legalese.
• Each step will be well set out for you by HR and easy to follow - the paperwork can be frustrating at times- but well worth it.
• We want those interested in teaching- but also offer a safe and very comfortable environment, a competitive and generous package and the chance to travel to so many exotic countries. If this is what your search has been for, then we are the right place for you. Hopefully this site will connect you to us and may your future shine by working with us.